Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm ALIVE.....but not quite kicking..........

Sorry it's been awhile everyone - but I've been through my own personal hell and back the past 6 days.  I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED and not at all enjoying clear protein drinks.  I'm bruised and swollen and in pain..................but...................I am down 11.5 pounds and am off 65% of my diabetes meds and my glucose levels are within normal range!  Things are progressing as they should - all systems go.

I'm a little more crabby than usual - but as I will start to eat things like pudding tomorrow - I'll get happier!

Thanks for caring so much - and for checking in!  I promise to write more soon!

Alive & Kicking


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  2. Crabby is OK, just glad to hear you are all right. Great news about the diabetes medication! Stay strong and look forward to good things coming.