Thursday, September 15, 2011

13 Days Till Surgery

I can't believe my surgery date is almost here.  I was scheduled for 5/02/10, but had to have shoulder surgery and needed to push my bypass back 6 weeks.  The new date was 6/12/10.  I really wanted to do this as a 40th birthday present to myself.  I figured missing the mark by 2 days wasn't so bad.  THEN..........I got hit by a car - and my world turned upside down for more than a year.  Lots of pain, lots of surgeries, lots of drama.

I had to go through most of my testing again, but I finally got my new surgery date.  9/28/11.

I will say that I have been stuffing everything and anything into my mouth the past couple of weeks.  I know that I will eventually be able to eat everything again - in very small portions - but I feel like every night is my "last supper."  I've had crab cakes galore; waffles; I'm scheduled for a ladies tea and sushi.  I fully intend on having italian, a juicy steak and some ice cream to boot!

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous.  The answer - YES.  This is going to be a MAJOR change.  Not just a physical change - I will be changing emotionally as well.  As much as one can follow the boyscout motto and "be prepared" prior to the surgery - I am.  I've read a ton of articles and books.  I've tasted insane amounts of protein to see what I liked - I've boxed up alot of clothes (but those of you who know me are aware that every closet in my house is PACKED still!) - I've bought baby spoons; a small fridge for my office; 1 oz shot glasses; crystal light; sugar free popsicles; special shaker bottles to mix my drinks and a MAJIC BULLET.  For my girlfriends out there - NOT that majic bullet - the kind that chops food!

I've stopped smoking - something EVERYONE was concerned about.  I tried to reassure everyone - I can only do it cold turkey - no slowing down for me.  No cigarettes for 2 weeks now.  Nasty habit - but been an on and off smoker since college.

Jordan (my husband) will not be home for the surgery - he is in Japan.  I know that he wants to be here - I would love him to be here as well.  Actually, if he were going to travel, I think it would be best to do so for the 2 weeks after I am home from the hospital.  I doubt that I will want to smell food cooking!  I asked my Mom and bestie Cynda to PLEASE rotate having him over for dinner.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my surgeon.  Dr. Small.  Is that a sign or what?  If the name didn't sell me alone, our first meeting did.  He has the most amazing bedside manner.  Takes his time - explains every detail - just an all around good guy.

I have ONE thing left to do before surgery - and that is to have blood work done.  I'm hoping to have that checked off tomorrow - but you know where good intentions lead you.

I communicated with a work colleague / friend today.  Mike has been battling colon cancer and is INSANELY INSPIRATIONAL.  I've never met someone with such a positive outlook.  He's doing well  -  and for that I am grateful.  When I checked in with him today, I let him know my new surgery date.  He offered to be my "coach."  Didn't I mention that Mike is a marathon / cross country runner?  One month after his surgery - the man is RUNNING.  He says that by next year he and I will run a 5k.  Hard for me to picture.  I told him I was a challenge (that's the most pleasant word I could choose) - but he said he was up for it.  Wonderful guy - and his encouragement really made my day.

Alot of you are concerned, and I appreciate it so much.  It lets me know how much you care.  That said, I have carefully and thoughtfully made this decision.  Some of you are aware - some are not  -  I am diabetic.  This surgery will give me an 87% chance of putting that into remission.  That is the main reason for the surgery - the benefit of looking wonderful again is simply the cherry on the pie that is my gastric bypass surgery.
I know that this post is bouncing from one topic to another - but it is reflecting how I feel at the moment.  Alot to finish before the surgery with work; the theater; the house & family.  Thanks for reading - I promise to post pictures as I progress.

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