Friday, September 16, 2011

Twelve Days Before ByPass & my Sister In Law Gave to Me..........

I got a call from my sister in law Kathy today.  She was calling to see if I was getting excited about my surgery.  We talked for about 30 minutes - and she was SO SUPPORTIVE.  I was surprised to hear from her - because she is really the driving force behind her father fighting liver cancer at this time.

Those of you who know my sister in law know that she is a TALL THIN PRETTY BLONDE.  My polar opposite physically.  The type of girl you want to hate when she walks into the room b/c she looks good - you know the kind ladies.

Kathy told me that she would support me in any way she could - walking my dogs; walking me (lol); trying new protein shake recipes - anything and everything.  It really gave me a boost today.  It was great to have an unsolicited call with so much positivity!  Thanks Kathy!!!!!

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