Monday, February 20, 2012

No More Than 7 Pounds

Last I wrote I was in the sunshine state......oh how I wish I was still in that weather! 

I got home and three days later my husband left for the middle east for three weeks.  9 more days until he comes home - and I am counting them down!

The day after I returned home I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon about the continued back / neck pain I am having.  I was told that T5 / T6 / T7 were herniated with a protrusion at T6.  GREAT.  Surgery to correct this issue entails an incision in my chest, removal of a rib, deflating my lungs, moving my major organs, and fusing the discs together.  Good times.  That said, they feel that the current compression on my spinal cord does not warrant this type of surgery at this time.  WHEW!  They do however feel that it would be best to cauterize the neve endings around these dics to alleviate some pain.  The feeling is that some spinal fluid is leaking and aggravating my nerves.  ????  It all sounds so crazy to me.  I got two opinions - and off I went to have this procedure.

I arrived at the surgical center with my best friend Cynda in tow.  I was told when I arrived that I would NOT in fact be having the procedure done that day - -because they needed to do a TEST first to ensure the procedure would work.  They would numb my spine, insert several needles fulll of chemicals that would simulate the cauterization of nerves.  Okay.  PAINFUL PAINFUL PAINFUL.  I told the doctor that he was the only man who made my toes curl - other than my husband - and the way he did it was NOT GOOD.  I then had to try to "agggravate my back" to see if this worked.  Honestly - when I went in I was having a GREAT day with my back.  I wish that I would have been having a terrible one to see if this worked.  UGH.

I finished the procedure - could barely move, and was taken to recovery.  It was there that I was told I would have to have yet ANOTHER test before the procedure.  I was told that the insurance companies feel there are alot of false positive results to the chemicals used in the procedure - so I needed to have it done with a tried and true chemical now.  I LOST MY MIND.  I have to pay a crazy co-pay to endure a painful process be part of a "TEST" group?  GOOD NEWS.  So - next week I have to go through the fun again - keep another pain diary - and after that they will determine if they will cauterize my nerves.

In the interim - I started back full time at physical therapy.  My PT is AMAZING.  After an exam, he told me that my neck still had several issues - and my back was terrible.  I can lift no more than 7 lbs - on a GOOD day.  So.....between that report and my neurosurgeon saying I can work no more than 20 - 25 hours a week, I am back on disability - and back in PT 3 x a week.  When I leave those sessions I am EXHAUSTED.

It NEVER ENDS.  I just want some relief from the pain - nothing more.  It's frustrating ot have 3 great days and then be totoally incapaciated for the next 4.  More good news - I'm on 750 mg of Lyrica daily - trying to help the pain in my back.  One side effect from Lyrica - WEIGHT GAIN.  OMG - LOL!!!! I can't catch a break! 

I'm also organizing a fundraiser for the Theatre - time consuming - but I'm hoping that it really helps our cause - and puts us back in our home - or a A home for good.

I'm still losing weight - not much - very little - but I'm not gaining.  Total lost = 75 lbs!  It's been 4 months and 3 weeks - and thought I keep telling myself that I'm not losing enough - I'm reminded that I was told I would lose about 107 lbs in year one - I'm not even 6 months in and I'm 75% there - so I need to chill out.  I want to lost more than the goal - but as long as I'm healthy - I'll be happy.

I'm hoping that my back is good enough to go for a long walk in the woods with Jordan when he gets back.  Nothing I love more than going for a hike with a backpack on - stopping for lunch somewhere beautiful in the middle of nowhere - and experiencing the great outdoors.

Following is a picture I took with my iPhone when I came home from my GodSon Luke's basketball game.  I'm starting to see some features that resemble my Mom - which is nice since she is so beautiful.  Still a big chunk - but it's moving in the right direction!

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