Thursday, February 2, 2012

Warm Weather and Luxury!

My bestie Cynda and I arrived in FL today to visit my parents.  They have a GORGEOUS house outside of Naples, FL.  Amazing - with a hot tub, pool, outdoor kitchen and living room - just wonderful.

The best part of the trip here today was.......drum roll butt fit NICELY in the coach plane seat!  The days of me being embarrassed and bringing my OWN seat belt extender are over!  Gone are the days of lifting the arm rest and hoping the person next to me would be polite and deal with it.  WOO HOO!  Not only did the seat belt fit - it was LOOSE!  Not only did I fit in the seat, I crossed my legs comfortably!  When the woman in front of me reclined her seat - I was able to put the tray table down and had room to spare!

This may seem crazy to someone who has never been heavy, but as you gain weight, you slowly start to do things to "adjust" or accomdate for your weight.  You tell yourself that you are not missing out on anything.  It's a survival technique.  The thing is, you do start to "miss out" on things.  These little successes are major triumphs to someone who has had to think three steps ahead of how to handle the simplest situations.

This has been hard, but I researched, found an amazing surgeon, had a great support system, and took a leap of faith.  It is starting to pay off - and I realize on a daily basis that I made a WONDERFUL decision.

Next step - trying to fix my back.............and then..................I'm moving on to rollercoasters!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is a GREAT POST ! And your timing in going South could have not been better. It's snowing here!