Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As many of you know, I have been battling several physical ailments since I was hit by a car 5/12/10.  5 surgeries later - and I'm still having A LOT of back issues.  I've had so many X-rays - CT Scans and MRI's that I glow - I'm starting to think that Hagerstown should look to me as an alternative power source.

My back spasms are so powerful that I've fallen - needed help in and out of bed and in and out of the bathroom.  I even cracked a rib.  No one could seem to find the problem.  I was told that I had "chronic pain" and that there was nothing else anyone could do about it.  Fairly depressing since I'm only 41. 

The spasms roll to my solarplexes and grip my lungs so I can't breathe.  I have constant burning in my mid back - like someone is holding a flame near it.  I have been at my wits end - and started to think I was crazy.....but I kept pushing.

Yesterday I was told that I have two more herniated discs in my back.  T6 & T7.  I was grateful for a diagnosis - but the news that followed was not great.

Neurosurgeons will operate on your cervical (neck) back and lumbar (lower) - but most do not work with the thoracic area.  To correct the issue I have, I've been told that they would need to work from the chest - remove a rib - deflate a lung - and move vital organs to the side so they could fuse that part of my spine. 

Did your jaw just drop open?  Mine is still dragging on the ground.  ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????  This is the only way that I am going to get relief?  I've had every kind of pill / muscle relaxer; lidocaine injections; cortisone injections; pain patches; physical therapy; accupuncture; massage.  If I were a horse, I would have been shot long ago.

I have some more doctor's appointments to go to, but I will be having to make some big decisions in the near future.  I have another appt with another surgeon on 2/ be continued.

Meanwhile - the insurance company representing the woman who hit me (who was texting by the way) has offered 2/3 of my medical bills - nothing more.   Fun stuff.

I am heading to FL tomorrow with my girlfriend Cynda.  I hope the travel doesn't kill me - and that the warmer climate helps all of the arthritis in my back.  If nothing else - the hot tub will!

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