Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Loss; Loose Skin & No Food OH MY!

So I was reading some anrticles today at lunch about what the lack of protein can do to your can THIN it or cause it to fall out.  H E L L O?????????  As you know I have baby fine hair - a decent amount of it - but if you ask me to put my hair in a bun it's hilarious - maybe as big as a mini muffin - and that is being generous. 

Is this for real?  Yes. 

Plan B would be to start building a hat collection - JUST IN CASE - but as my girlfriends know - I have a GIGANTIC head - and nothing fits - hats simply rest on the top of my head giving everyone a good chuckle as they walk by.  My Mother nearly hyperventilates when she sees me try hats on.  What to do?  A fascinator would NOT be appropriate for work - nor am I sure it would cover the real estate on my noggin.  UGH.
Apparently coloring your hair after the surgery - at least in the inital few months - could really damage your hair - causing it to break etc.  WOW.  Even better.

I've scheduled an appointment to have my hair done this Saturday - not really in the budget - but God knows I'm going to need to get rid of the gray before it really gets bad!  I've decided I am going to make a day of it - in addition to losing the witchy woman look, I am getting my nails done (thanks Jordan!) and having know........wax.  Enduring the pain for long term maintenance (you're welcome Jordan).  I figure if I have to suffer through some pain - I should have nice nails to eat ice chips - pretty toes to see when I walk the halls - hair free of gray so I don't feel as old as I will after surgery - a manicured nether region so the nurses aren't terrified when its time to be catharatized (again, you're welcome).

I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon in a couple of months - not to have anything done - but rather to get the "price list" of the body work that I suspect will be required.  Got to budget for the refresh (nice term) which will really be an overhaul (realistic term).

Today I learned that I will get to eat one cup of ice chips every 8 hours the first 3 days!  WOO HOO!  Actually I am serious about the woo hoo.  I wasn't sure if I would be getting anything other than the IV fluids - sometimes that is the case depending upon your Dr.  Apparently mine is the really humane kind.  After I get out of the hospital, I will be on an all liquid diet for a full week.  Crystal light with unflavored protein HERE I COME!  I am a child of the 80's, so crystal light has been a staple in my house for years.

Alright - I've got to go and watch a video about scalp massage - supposedly the increase of blood to your scalp helps the hair folicles.  Anyone remember I LOVE LUCY when Lucy tried to give Ricky scalp treatments?  Then had a party with all bald men?  Keep that in mind my friends............until then maybe get me some Rhoda Morgenstern scarves.  :)

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