Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lunch in Arizona

I had a great lunch with my friend Lorraine today!  I've known her since middle school - in fact she was my BFF then.  Alot of good memories with this girl - one of which is having our first beer in her bedroom closet!  lol  It's hard to believe that she has a son who is a senior and is friends with my nephew - time really does go by quickly.

She asked me how I was feeling about everything - and I gave her the lowdown on my feelings of "vulnerability" and the shedding of my "protective coating."  Lorraine just looked at me and immediately said - "Yeah - but you don't need that anymore Lynn."  What a good friend. 

Between her confidence in me and all of the laughs about old times and kids - it made my day.
Arizona (aka: Love You) Rainey

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