Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoid Mary

Let me start by apologizing for not sounding like a caring person - because honestly I am.

HUMANS WHO ARE SICK NEED TO STAY HOME FROM WORK.  The whole "I'm so dedicated I need to go to work" thing is crazy.  You are carriers - and end up getting the rest of the office sick!

Case in point - two people I work with are sick - both hugged and kissed me before telling me they were sick!  I'm not feeling the best today - but I'm trying to be Polly Positive - because if I do get sick - this whole thing will be postponed - AGAIN.  I don't think I ca handle that.

Lots of vitamin C and tea................

And now - cue compassion............I do hope you feel better ladies!  XO  I truly know that you were being kind to me and didn't give it a thought.

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  1. I know just what your saying, in my case however it's my wife and daughter. Poor Sue, she's been sleeping on the couch for the past week !