Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 lbs DOWN!

Sitting on the couch with 2 bulldogs who are snoring happily while I listen to Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin in the background.  I love fall - the weather - the snap in the air - the color of the leaves - hot cocoa / cider -  comfy sweaters..............just wonderful!

The only thing missing is my husband.  He came home from Japan my last day in the hospital - was home for about 3 weeks - and left for El Paso yesterday.  He won't be back until the first week of December.  So - we miss Halloween (our favorite!), our 3rd anniversary, and Thanksgiving.  It's always a major adjustment when he leaves - and another when he comes home.  It's hard to see him go away for so long, but as long as he is happy, I'm ok.

I suppose part of me is somewhat excited that he is gone for 6 weeks.......I'm hoping to continue to lose weight - and that the swelling in my stomach goes away - so I can look different when he comes home.  I'm going to start excercising now - I tried before, however I was so tired I nearly collapsed.  I think that I am getting used to the lack of nutrients - etc.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Go Girl Go! As you start to exercise remember that you want to start slow, you will want to push yourself but only as much as it's still enjoyable. If it's not enjoyable it will always be a fight.

    How about I take this as my first "Coaching" opportunity. For your walks think in terms of TIME not distance. Never walk so fast that you could not hold a conversation and slowly add more time to your walks.

    Later.... Mike
    If you go walking concentrate on time, not distance. Do not walk to a point where you could not carry on a conversation