Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Feel Good!

Starting to understand what the Godfather of Soul meant!  The past couple of days I've felt REALLY good - better than I have in a long time.  I am still getting tired - but I feel the energy coming back steadily - and it's GOOOOOD!

As of this morning - day 15 - I am down 23 lbs!!  WOO HOO!

Yesterday was very exciting because I was able to eat some solid (albeit soft) foods!  I had a scrambled egg for breakfast - egg salad for lunch (yes - a pattern is forming - but I BROKE IT for dinner!) and baked flounder for dinner.  YUMMY!  It takes me about 20 minutes to eat a 1/4 of a cup - but I feel satisfied when I'm finished.  This is the time when I am supposed to know what feeling "full" is like.  Sounds strange to alot of people I know - but its a good thing for me.  My entire life I never had that "off" switch.  I would eat to capacity - until I was stuffed.  Stuffed = full for me.  I'm really trying to listen to the new parts of my body so I can "stay the course." 

So far - so good!

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