Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lynn Minus 36 and Counting

To date I have lost 36 pounds.  I had my surgery 43 days ago on 9/28/11.  I realize that this is alot of weight to lose in a month and a half, but having gone through such a major surgery, I suppose I thought I would be down twice that much by now.  Sort of hard to wrap your head around when you are the one going through it!  It's unrealistic to think I could have lost that much by now - and as much stress as my body has been through - I don't think it could take much more now.

Regardless  -  the number on the scale is moving in the right direction - and that is a HAPPY thing.  Jordan is away until the first week of December, and I hope that I lose another 20 before he comes home - we shall see.  I think it would be cool if he came home and I was transformed that much more. 

I have to say that the past weeks have been stressful for all sorts of other reasons; getting back to work while feeling so tired; getting sick - often in my trash at work; theater stuff (by the way I am the theater president now; and Jordan being away.  Good things have happened as well.  I'm reconnecting with old friends all the time.  The most recent is my friend Julie Wright - such a FUN girl - and one I am so grateful to have back in my life.

I also had a great conversation with my friend Mike - he and I have two different struggles happening right now - both life changing.  He really is a GREAT person - and the inner strength he shows amazes me all the time.  Hang in there my friend - thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way all the time.

Ok - following are  couple of pictures of my face - and YES - I know I am not smiling - lol - I think I'm afraid that my face will look fatter if I do.  That said - I made sure to pull my hair back so there was no hiding any "cheeks or chins" in the photo.  Go with it people!  :)

Thanks to all of my supporters! 

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