Thursday, August 23, 2012

VOMIT + STRESS = 104 lbs lost!

So.........the fun continues.  I've had some major issues with ulcers - pretty much due to stress.  I tend to throw up about 2 - 5 times a day - and it HURTS.  I revert back to yogurt alot.  I've had three endoscopies in the past two months - and am on a steady dose of ulcer meds - starting to help - but what would be best is a serious reduction in stress.  Not sure that is going to happen anytime soon - but pushing through.

I've packed up 11 lawn and leaf bags full of clothing that no longer fits.  Yes - I am a MASSIVE CLOTHES HORSE.  Sadly - all closets are still full now.  :(  I do look better in most clothing now - lol.  And how fun it is to go into Calvin Klein and J Crew for clothes again!  WOO HOO!

As I was packing up clothes, I started trying things on - I was amazed that I could get two legs into one side of a pair of pants!  I need to get a photo of this and post it so you can see.  CRAZY!  It was a huge shock to me!  I may have mentioned before - I have body dysmorphia - so when I look in the mirror, I dont' really see much of a difference from where where I was before to where I am now.  Only when I do things like jump into one side of an old pair of pants do I begin to realize that I've lost a person now.  Weird right?  It is to me.  I'm always amazed at the major reaction I get from people who haven't seen me in awhile.....or when I look at old photos of me pre surgery. 

I wish that my back felt better after all of this weight loss - but that is simply not the case - and I'm trying to work with my new limitations at the urging of my rheumatologist. It's a process - and a very difficult one at that.

My husband and parents have been INSANELY SUPPORTIVE - I could have never survived the past three years without them.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - there are no words to express my gratitude and love for you three.

Biggest smile I can produce with my migraine this morning - probably didn't help writing this lying down..... :)

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